Armis Polo Helmet

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Armis has been the first brand to make the step to be signed up to both the BSI Kitemark Scheme as well as fitting MIPS patented technology inside. This means the helmet conforms to the British Standard PAS 015 and is subject to routine testing of the helmet and quality controls. This ensures every helmet is made to the same high quality as the first one and every helmet is being produced in the same way. This Armis Polo helmet has MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) inside that mimics the brain's own protection system by adding a low friction layer between the head and the helmet. MIPS is based on reality, as when you fall, your head more often hits the ground at an angle, creating a rotational violence that leads that leads to strain in the brain. With the MIPS inside, the helmet can absorb more of that rotational violence, adding better protection than helmets without MIPS. On impact, when you fall and land, the helmet does 3 things. Firstly, the shell diffuses the impact over a large area. Then the liner reduces bruising to the brain by increasing the length of time it takes for the shock to meet your head and you to stop. The bigger the impact the more layers of "bubbles" will burst so it is the helmet liner that collapses, not your head. In the meantime, the MIPS system engages and rotates inside the helmet to absorb the roational energy transferred to the brain. It is for this reason that if the helmet suffers a severe impact, it should be thrown away and a new one purchased. It is easy to a helmet, but impossible to replace a head!

Uses EPS Foam Liner

Absorbs energy being transferred to the brain


Total mass of 775g (Medium +/-50g)

Classic Dimensions

265mm X 320mm X 165mm (Medium +/- 5mm)

Double Shell

2 shells – Carbon Fibre & Fibreglass to reduce penetrations

Flexible Peak

Designed to reduce neck injuries

Removable Padding

Completely machine washable headband

4 Point Harness

Harness is made from approved webbing

Traditional Style Clip

Clip can be used with one hand