Pro V.M.

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Concentrated professional multi-use vitamin, mineral & amino acid formula for race horses. Pro V.M.'s all-inclusive formula provides ingredients for:• Joint and connective tissue support
• Immune system support
• Attitude management
• Endurance
• Performance
• Muscle support
• Electrolytes
• Hoof support
Race horses have increased nutritional needs that cannot always be addressed by feed alone. Constant high intensity exercise places extreme demands on the horse’s joints, immune system and muscular system. Without the ingredients in Pro V.M.®, your horse could become deficient in various vitamins and minerals which could lead to reduced performance, health and attitude. Pro V.M. is specifically formulated for race horses by including the highest dietary recommended amount of each nutrient; nutrients that are depleted by intense exercise. Pro V.M. also provides nutrients to support common problems in race horses such as tying up, electrolyte imbalance that may be caused by Lasix®, thumps, joint issues and fragile lung capillaries that can burst under the extremes of racing.