Sprenger - KK Ultra Bradoon

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KK Ultra bits are the result of extensive research performed at the Veterinary University in Hanover, Germany. The research team determined that the interior volume of a horse’s mouth is much smaller than previously believed. The palate is smaller and flatter, leaving very limited space for a bit. Herm Sprenger has used this information to develop the KK Ultra mouthpiece. To accommodate the narrower palate, the link in the middle was shortened and rotated by 45 degrees, resulting in no palate pressure. When rein pressure is applied, the link rests entirely on the tongue and leaves the palate completely untouched. The exceptional sensitivity of a horse’s tongue allows the rider precise communication through the reins, without severity and without any palate pain.

KK Ultra Sensogan Bradoon Bit features a 14mm mouth and 55mm rings.
Available in sizes: 5 3/4", 6 1/8"