Easy Care Quilted Bamboo Hunter w Perfect Balance Technology Style B

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Classic quilted pad. Traditional soft fleece top and rolled edging. Underside is quilted flannel with bamboo lining. The bamboo – a sustainable long wearing natural fiber – will wick away moisture, diffuse heat build up, provide softness and comfort with additional support. It also has antibacterial properties. Machine washable. Dryer safe. Available in white only.

Measured from inside sheepskin roll on pommel to the banded edge on cantle.

Measured from inside banded edge across the widest part under the cantle.

Measured from middle top line of the pad to the edge of the flap.


Suggested saddle size:
15 3/4″ w/long flap; 16″ w/short flap

Topline: 19.5″
Drop: 19″
Cantle: 12.5″


Suggested saddle size:
16″ to 16.5″

Topline: 22″
Drop: 20″
Cantle: 15.5″


Suggested saddle size:
17″ to 17.5″

Topline: 24″
Drop: 21″
Cantle: 16″